Monday, December 13, 2010

More Islamophobia

A bomb blast in a holy Indian city has killed a toddler and wounded dozens of other people.

The bomb exploded at a crowded bathing point in Varanasi one of India's holiest Hindu cities.

The explosion occurred at one of the city's many ritual bathing areas on the banks of the holy Ganges river, which was crowded with hundreds of Hindu devotees.

The explosion set off a stampede, with many people hurt in the blasts.

Along with the two-year-old toddler who was killed, several foreigners were also among the wounded.

Other major Indian cities, including Mumbai and New Delhi, were put on high alert directly following the blast which shook nearby buildings and damaged a nearby Hindu temple.

A home-grown Muslim militant group, Indian Mujahedeen, which also calls itself "the militia of Islam", claimed responsibility for the blasts in an email sent to media outlets.

According to the media, the root cause of the problem is American Judeo Christian Islamophobia.

So, how do they explain bombings of Hindus in India by "Indian Mujahedeen", the self styled "militia of Islam"?

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