Saturday, April 3, 2010

The genius of Obama's presidential campaign

The same week President Barack Obama riled environmentalists with plans for offshore oil drilling, he faces criticism for signaling he will support a Bush-era policy criticized as giving mining companies unlimited access to public lands to dump toxic waste.

The administration asked a federal judge Tuesday to dismiss a challenge by environmental and community groups to a rule that lifted a restriction on how much public land companies can use. The groups are also challenging a 2008 rule that says companies aren't required to pay the going rate to use the land.

Environmentalists said the administration's decision conflicts with its pledge to overhaul the nearly 140-year-old law regulating the mining of gold, silver and other hard-rock minerals on public land.

Hope! Change! Overhaul the regulation of mining on public land!

Obama never said what the regulatory "overhaul" would entail, simply that he would "overhaul" it, and an unquestioning media allowed people to believe Obama agreed with each and every one of them, where ever they stood and what ever they wanted.

Actually, a genius campaign strategy.

Cynical and cruel and a recipe for a failed presidency, but a genius campaign strategy.

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