Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cuba: Another communist monarchy

Fariñas, a 48-year-old psychologist and independent journalist whose father fought beside Che Guevara, and who himself fought in Angola as a Cuban soldier, says he does not believe there will be any changes in Cuba while Fidel Castro and his brother Raúl are alive.

The changes will start when the next generation of Castro family members - - Fidel and Raúl's sons - - take over, he says.

. . . According to Fariñas, what's more likely to happen - - and what he said he hopes will happen - - is a process of change that will begin once Raúl and Fidel Castro die, and their respective sons take their places.

"This is a family dynasty. They are preparing [Raúl's son] Col. Alejandro Castro Espín and [Fidel's son] Dr. Antonio Castro Soto del Valle to take power," Fariñas said.

It's amazing how many communist dictatorships devolve into medieval monarchies.

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