Thursday, April 29, 2010

No help for the middle class

About 200,000 Americans whose illnesses have kept them from getting regular health insurance will not be allowed to enroll this summer in a new lower cost federal program for people like them because they already buy pricey state-run plans.

The nation's new health law creates a far cheaper insurance program opening July 1 for people with pre-existing medical conditions. To qualify, a person can't have had health coverage for six months.

If you're hard working and pay your bills, Obama's bailout schemes do nothing for you. You're out of luck if you worked a second job to pay for your over priced health insurance or keep current on your upside down mortgage.

But, if you stopped paying for health insurance, or went into default on your mortgage, you're eligible for federal assistance and federal renegotiation.

It's obvious which behavior the government is now encouraging.

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