Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Census spin

The percentage of households that have mailed back their Census forms could top the 2000 response rate — a major accomplishment in the face of growing suspicion of government, swelling population and increased diversity.

The participation rate hit 71% Tuesday, just one point below the 2000 Census rate. The U.S. population has grown almost 10% since 2000, to an estimated 309 million.

"I think we'll match the performance of 2000, which is significant given the economic situation and the levels of mistrust about government in general that didn't exist in 2000," says Steven Jost, associate director for communications. A Pew Research Center survey out this week shows that only 22% of Americans said they can trust the government in Washington most of the time, among the lowest measures in half a century.
This administration spins everything.

The census participation rate of 71% so far is one point below the 2000 Census rate.

They "think" it will ultimately "match the performance of 2000".

Yet, their press release (repeated by the media as gospel), celebrates their "major accomplishment".


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