Monday, March 14, 2011

What's our contingency plan for Saudi Arabia?

A massive show of force by Saudi Arabia’s government snuffed out a Facebook-based effort to stage unprecedented pro-democracy demonstrations in the capital Friday, but political unrest and sectarian tensions roiled neighboring Yemen and Bahrain.

. . . With uprisings threatening allies on its eastern and southern flanks, the Sunni Saudi monarchy appeared to be taking no chances in its effort to keep the popular push for democracy in the Arab world from spreading to the world’s largest crude-oil exporter.

In the heavily Shiite eastern Saudi province, hundreds of protesters marched in at least four separate locations, calling for the release of political prisoners and demanding reform.

Even if the Saudi royal family survives the current turmoil, a medieval absolute monarchy of corrupt thieves who hide and waste their nation's incredible riches cannot survive in the long term.

What's our contingency plan for the aftermath of the overthrow of the royal family?

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