Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remember that evil plan to reform teacher's pay . . .

A pair of companion bills revamping teacher pay and tenure in Florida — the most controversial proposals of last year’s lawmaking session — are expected to have a smooth ride this year.


They found a fresh reason to do so in August after Florida was awarded $700 million in the Race to the Top, a competitive federal program earmarked for education reform. One of the program’s tenets: moving states toward performance-based teacher pay.

Most of Florida school districts and teachers unions signed on to the state’s Race to the Top application, which committed to using the federal money to revamp teacher pay and tenure. The bill before the Legislature now, supporters say, simply hashes out how the state will carry out its Race to the Top promises.

In other words, what was opposed last year as a radical Republican rape of the teachers' union is supported this year as part of Obama's federally funded educational reform package.

The only principle these people hold dear is the pursuit of power.

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