Friday, March 25, 2011

Remember the Gulf?

A Louisiana fire chief says a substance found floating in the Gulf of Mexico appears to be weathered oil. The Coast Guard is testing the substance to confirm what it is and determine where it came from.

Grand Isle Fire Chief Aubrey Chaisson said he saw the substance up close Sunday aboard a boat and also viewed it from helicopter. He said it looked like "emulsified oil." He said the substance covered about a two to three-mile area.

I know the Gulf oil spill was 3 or 4 crises ago, and everyone's attention has moved on, but is anyone truly surprised that there are still "two to three-mile" oil slicks in the Gulf . . . and that no one is really doing anything about it?

As the "anti war" left now support Obama's wars, the "greens" no longer seem concerned by presidential neglect of the environment. Today's "environmentalists" are more concerned about Sarah Palin's hunting shows than Obama's ecological failures.

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