Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Navy censures officers over lewd videos

The Secretary of the Navy issued censure letters Friday to four high-ranking officers over a series of raunchy videos shown to thousands of sailors aboard the USS Enterprise, including the captain who produced and starred in many of them.

. . . Capt. Owen P. Honors Jr. was the aircraft carrier's No. 2 officer when he helped produce and appeared in the series of videos that aired on the ship's closed-circuit TV station on deployments between October 2005 and December 2007.

The Navy's investigation found that Honors had produced at least 25 videos with inappropriate scenes, including anti-gay slurs, sailors of both genders shown in shower scenes and vulgar language. In one of the videos, Honors acknowledged he had received complaints about "XO Movie Night," but didn't stop the videos.

Any officer who didn't realize that you don't do and say certain things on amateur video in this day and age is too out of touch with reality to be entrusted with the health, safety and welfare of a Navy crew.

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