Monday, June 13, 2011

They still don't get it

Peter Beinart, senior political writer for The Daily Beast, associate professor of journalism and political science at City University of New York and a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, had this to say about the Weiner's weiner scandal:

Excuse me for asking, but why exactly should Anthony Weiner resign? He flirted with women in a crude, dorky and easily traceable way. And he lied about it, which is what married men usually do in such circumstances. Who cares? As far as we know, he violated no law or congressional ethics rule. There's been no allegation of sexual harassment. It's entirely possible that his constituents would reelect him if given the chance. So why is he being hounded from office? . . . The realization that everyone’s private life is messy and flawed should produce humility and compassion.

"He flirted with women in a crude, dorky and easily traceable way."

That's all he did?

Flirt with women?


First, that 17 year old was not a woman, she was a girl. When you have to check the local age of consent, you've gone too far.

And, "flirting" is an overly sanitized description of emailing pictures of Little Anthony, or taking shots of yourself posed 1950's Playboy cheesecake style in the House gym locker room, with a strategically placed washcloth over your privates.

If all Weiner did was "flirt" - - compliment the looks, hair, dress or personality of dozens of women - - Weiner wouldn't be in trouble.

Weiner's problem is that he sent women unsolicited pictures of his package on government time, evidently using government equipment, and demonstrably on government property.

The issue is not that his "private life is messy and flawed" like "everyone's".  Rather, it's that he's getting special treatment. If the congressional janitor was caught taking nude pictures of himself in the House locker room mirror, he would be fired.

Why is that so hard for some smart people to grasp?

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