Friday, June 10, 2011

Another reason to be glad Kerry lost . . .

An Obama administration effort to spend another $20 million on Cuba democracy programs has been blocked for two months amid bitter clashes over policy and personalities.

Words like “backstabber” and “communist dupe” have been thrown about and the issue is littered with leaks and counter-leaks about alleged wrongdoings.

Sen. John Kerry, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is offering to lift the “hold” he put on the money April 1 if the amount is cut to $15 million, according to a note sent by his committee staff to the State Department Friday.

At the root of the fight are sharply different visions of the Cuba programs, which have cost $150 million since they were created in the 1990s to assist nongovernment groups on the island. . . .

Kerry, in a note to the State Department shortly after he blocked the money, asked 13 pointed questions, essentially alleging the programs only provoke Havana, which has made it illegal to receive the U.S. funds.

The note alleges that U.S. money was used to “mobilize protests” in Cuba . . .

Kerry single handedly froze U.S. efforts to promote democracy in communist Cuba.

Worse, the next time a Cuban dissident is falsely arrested as a U.S. agent, the Cuban government will use Kerry's words to justify its wrongful incarceration and torture.

There's a good reason why Kerry is the only Democratic president candidate since Dukakis in 1988 to not come in first in the popular vote.  Hopefully, this controversy will insure that Kerry never becomes secretary of state.

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