Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another "victory" for socialism

Soaring food prices are forcing many Venezuelans to change their eating habits, trim their shopping lists and set aside more of their earnings to feed their families.

The oil-exporting country is coping with one of the highest inflation rates in the world: 22.9 percent as of last month, and food prices are rising even faster.

"It’s gotten 100 percent worse,” said Evelyn Villamizar, a 29-year-old student who is raising a 5-year-old son in a poor barrio of the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. She said she feels “strangled by the prices.”

“If you have enough for one thing, you don’t have enough for another,” said Villamizar, who was picking up her son at a public school that provides a free daily snack.

She shops at subsidized state-run markets when she can but dreads the long lines, which can sometimes take hours of waiting.

She said the situation has forced her to rethink which foods she buys. For example, she said, “instead of meat, eggs.”

Isn't socialism supposed to make things better for the poor? It always seems to make things worse.

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