Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's wrong with asking the public?

The just-finished legislative session will be remembered for more than the $3.8 billion deficit or the political meltdown that marred its finish. It will also be known for packing the November 2012 election ballot with seven constitutional amendments — including abortion, religion and property taxes.

The amendments are straight out of the Republican Party playbook: Overturn abortion rulings, cap state revenue, lower property taxes, restrict court power, loosen the separation between church and state, and prevent President Barack Obama’s healthcare law from taking hold in Florida.

Democrats say the amendments are politically motivated and designed to attract conservatives to the polls in November 2012, when Obama faces reelection. Republicans say they are pursuing what they have been attempting for years and what voters elected them to do.

No one should object to letting the public decide these controversial issues.

Are opponents of these referenda concerned about the process, or simply afraid that they'll lose?

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