Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let the character assassination begin

With a penchant for tough talk and polarizing positions, Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann is a magnet for controversy — and there's a trail of police reports to prove it.

She and her staff over the years have requested police protection or investigations when her house was egged; when protesters threw glitter on her or held up critical signs; when her campaign yard signs were stolen; when a man wrote an email perceived as a threat; and when she screamed that two women were holding her hostage "against my will" in a city hall restroom.

There's plenty to dislike in Bachmann's politics.

But, that doesn't mean she should be criticised for calling the cops when an emailer threatens her husband or two "activists" follow her into the restroom and block her exit.

Can we all agree that you don't follow people into the john and harangue them while they're doing their business?

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