Monday, May 24, 2010

More news for Oprah and Jenny McCarthy

Oprah and Jenny McCarthy have done more than any other mainstream figures to promote the theory of a link between vaccines and autism. As a result, thousands of gullible parents no longer vaccination their children, thousands of children face crippling disease, and diseases which should be eradicated are making a comeback.

Meanwhile, the U.K. banned the doctor who linked autism to vaccines.
Britain's top medical group ruled Monday that a doctor who claimed autism was linked to a childhood vaccine can no longer practice in the U.K.

The General Medical Council also found Dr. Andrew Wakefield guilty of "serious professional misconduct" as it struck him from the country's medical register. The council was investigating how Wakefield and colleagues carried out their research, not the science behind it.

There is no scientific evidence of a link between a regular childhood vaccination schedule and autism. There are only celebrities who believe in and promote the theory, and people looking for someone or something to blame.

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