Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan

Militants attacked the provincial governor's compound in western Afghanistan on Wednesday, sparking street battles that killed at least five would-be suicide bombers, authorities said.

The Afghan Interior Ministry said police killed the bombers before they were able to carry out their attacks in Zaranj in Nimroz province, in extreme southwestern Afghanistan along the Iranian border.

At least five police officers were killed or wounded in the fighting, said the provincial governor, Gulam Dastagar Ezad.

. . . Nimroz province is a major trafficking route for Afghanistan's huge opium trade. Some insurgents fled into Nimroz province earlier this year when thousands of U.S., NATO and Afghan troops conducted an offensive to rout the Taliban from neighboring Helmand province.

I will never understand why anyone thinks we can teach democracy to fundamentalist terrorists and heroin smugglers.

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