Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why shouldn't they?

"Immigrant advocates are calling on Florida child welfare administrators to repudiate the actions of a private Naples foster care agency they say snatched an infant and toddler from their mother and grandparents -- and then turned the family in to immigration agents.

Advocates claim that Family Preservation, a Collier County child welfare group under contract with the Department of Children & Families, reported 19-year-old Karen Arriaga and her parents, who are undocumented Mexican migrants, to immigration agents, and then arranged for the family to be rounded up at their offices."

Why shouldn't government agencies and contractors report illegal activity to the appropriate authorities? The contractor in question could be fined, punished and face criminal sanctions for hiring the undocumented, but is supposed to provide taxpayer funded services to the undocumented without reporting them to INS? That makes no sense.

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