Sunday, March 22, 2009

One person's recession . . .

is another person's opportunity.

Among all the self serving talk of doom and gloom and predictions of "the worst, longest, deepest recession in our history", it's easy to overlook the real opportunities for personal enrichment created by the downturn in certain sectors.

Tourism? Yes, fly-to destination resorts are hurting. But, drive-to resorts near urban areas - - ski areas such as Stowe in Vermont and Bretton Woods in New Hampshire, for example - - had record years.

Real property? First time home buyers who take advantage of federal tax credits, subsidies and mortgage programs will see big returns on their investment if they get in at the bottom of the market.

The key is to ignore those with a vested interest in talking down the economy. And, it doesn't hurt to still have faith in the private sector.

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