Friday, February 6, 2009

Should faith based discrimination continue?

"President Barack Obama waded into the eternal debate over church and state on Thursday, creating his own White House council to provide government assistance to faith-based groups that help the poor. . . . Obama left in place five executive orders signed by Bush that allow the groups receiving government funds to proselytize or refuse to hire non-believers."

In other words, Bush executive orders that specifically authorize religion-based employment discrimination in publicly funded programs have been left in place.

YOUR tax dollars may continue to be spent on programs and agencies they refuse to hire YOU because of YOUR religious beliefs.

Those executive orders were unconstitutional and un-American when Bush signed them.

They were Bush's payback for past support, and Bush's payment for future support.

There's no excuse for them to remain on the books. None. Obama should repeal them while reforming the faith based operation. Let's hope he does.

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