Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"The drug culture of the Texas Rangers' clubhouse in the 1990's"

ESPN's Peter Gammons attributes Alex Rodriguez' three years of doping while playing for the Texas Rangers to "the drug culture of the Texas Rangers' clubhouse in the 1990's".

Who ran the Texas Rangers' clubhouse in the 1990's?

"Even Betts, while assuring [George W.] Bush that becoming managing partner of the Rangers would pave the way for a political future, expressed concerns about Bush's timing. "I don't want to make the investment, if you plan to run in two years," said Betts, a New York entertainment mogul, who became the largest single investor in the Rangers.

In early August, Bush made it official: He would pass on the 1990 governor's race.

By then he was already a part-owner of the Rangers, a deal signed on April 21. His team of investors had purchased 86 percent of the team for about $75 million. He and DeWitt raised half of the money, with Betts being the main investor; the other half came from a group led by Texas financiers Richard Rainwater and Edward "Rusty" Rose III. Rainwater and Rose had joined with Bush after Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth concluded that Bush and DeWitt hadn't raised enough Texas money.

Bush and Rose, it was agreed, would have joint power in running the franchise, with Rose behind the scenes and Bush serving as the ownership's public face. Bush's total investment eventually would reach $606,302. For putting the deal together and running the club, Bush would receive an additional 10 percent return when the team was sold.

Baseball experts say the new ownership team enhanced the value of the franchise. Gross revenue more than doubled from $28 million to $62 million in a few years, and after the new stadium opened in 1994, it nearly doubled again – to $116 million last year. The club went from a mom-and-pop operation with 30 front-office employees and a consistently mediocre record on the field since moving to Texas from Washington in 1971 to a major corporation that now has 170 employees. In 1996, the Rangers made it to the playoffs for the first time, ultimately losing to the New York Yankees."


Does anyone still wonder how Bush turned a group of also rans into playoff contenders in a few short years?

Bush ruined anything and anyone he ever touched.

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