Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Do we need more proof that he's terminally ill?

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez promised on Tuesday to accelerate his drive for socialism in Venezuela as he recovers from surgery that removed a cancerous tumor.

He's acting like a man without long to live.

I thought they were all dead

Al Qaeda's powerful branch in Yemen has provided weapons, fighters and training with explosives over the last year to a militant Islamic group battling for power in Somalia, according to newly developed American intelligence, raising concerns of a widening alliance of terrorist groups.

Leaders of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen also have urged members of the hard-line Shabab militia to attack targets outside Africa for the first time, said U.S. officials who were briefed on the intelligence.

Weren't we told last week that Al Qaeda was defeated?

Monday, July 18, 2011

More broken promises from Obama

Two years ago, President Barack Obama launched what he called a “historic” campaign to bolster the nation’s community colleges. These days, however, the sour economy seems to have left a far deeper imprint on community colleges than the president’s American Graduation Initiative.

The economic funk sparked a surge in students enrolling at community colleges, but downsized state budgets made it hard for schools to add enough classes to serve everyone. And the $12 billion in federal funding that Obama promised community colleges never arrived.

That will be history's verdict on the Obama administration - - Obama's promise never arrived.

What they aren't saying about the debt ceiling debate

Every Democratic senator (including Obama) voted against raising the debt limit in 2006.


It passed on a straight party line vote, with no Democratic support in the senate, and no one ever mentioned cutting off social security checks or military pay, or otherwise destroying the "full faith and credit" of the American economy.  It was considered no big deal.

Political prisoners in Venezuela

At a time when President Hugo Chávez is receiving the optimal care available to treat his cancer, more than a half-dozen Venezuelan seriously ill political prisoners are in jail without any medical assistance, some suffering the same disease as the president.

It is an incongruity beginning to be noticed around the world.

"It is an incongruity beginning to be noticed around the world"?

Unfortunately, Chavez' "progressive" friends, allies and supporters (including those in the Obama administration) will take no notice.


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is back in Cuba to undergo further treatment for cancer.

Doctors had found no more malignant cells after he had surgery to remove a tumour, he said.

Mr Chavez said his chemotherapy would start on Sunday and he would be away for a "few days".

It couldn't happen to a more deserving fellow.

But, it's kind of funny that he doesn't trust his own health to the "Bolivarian socialist" medical establishment which he created in Venezuela.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Taking away fat kids from their parents

If a parent beats their child, the state can step in and remove the child from the harmful situation.

But if a parent allows their child to become overweight to the point that their health is affected, should the state have the same right to intervene?

In a commentary posted in the Journal of the American Medical Association, professor Lindsey Murtagh and Dr. David S. Ludwig, of Harvard University, argue that severely obese children should be removed from their homes. They also say that government involvement may be justifiable because of the imminent health risks, and the parents' chronic failure to address medical problems.

Some people have no understanding of the concepts of limited government and personal freedom.

If the government can take away your kids for being fat, they can take them away for any reason, social, religious or political.